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HandBrake is a GPL’d multi-platform, multithreaded DVD to MPEG-4 ripper/converter – it’s super easy to rip the DVDs you have and put them on the new iPhone – they look great and are about 1 GB each, here’s how…

First, get HandBrake – Link. There are also PC versions of HandBrake, it might work about the same way.

Make 825
Install it, run it. Pop the DVD in. Pick the DVD volume. Choose your settings, I use the defaults usually.

Make 826
It takes about 30 min or so, it runs fine in the background.

Make 827
Drag the MP4 file it makes in to iTunes, in videos tab in iTunes for the iPhone select the movie, click Sync.

Make 828
In a couple minutes it transfers over.

Make 829
It’s about a gig.

Img 1606
The video is in the videos section. iPod / Videos.

Img 1609
It looks and sounds great!

*Joe notes – I found if you create a new preset for iphone in handbrake and set the video dimensions to 480×320 you can crunch movies down to a much smaller size optimized for the iphone native resolution.