Nanocarbon from Graphene to Nanotubes to Buckyballs

Nanocarbon Intro
John writes –

I’ve got a new posting to my UVA Virtual Lab website entitled “Nanocarbon: From Graphene to Nanotubes to Buckyballs.” This page differs from most on the site in that it actually downloads Shockwave 3D models to the user’s browser where they can be manipulated and modified. The overall presentation explains how different types of bonding leads from cyclohexane to benzene to graphene to graphite to Buckyball structures, and how the bonding affects electrical conductivity. The presentation also introduces some of the terminology readers will encounter if they websurf into nanoscience research websites.

UVA Virtual Lab: Nanocarbon from Graphene to Nanotubes to Buckyballs – Link.

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