Make a Tabletop Biosphere – Make: PDFcast

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This week, download the companion PDF to the Make: Video Podcast which includes the article written by Martin John Brown as seen in Make: Volume 10. PDF Link

I found it difficult to get amphipods in New York City until I went to Turtle Pond in central park and found a murky muddy place and scooped up some water and milfoil. There were lots of small little worms and teeny tiny leechy looking things that were too small for me to photograph, but interesting to observe. I’m hoping that some of the little critters in there are amphipods and will be able to do their part to keep the biosphere balanced.

When you take a break from staring at your biosphere, it’s cool to check out some of the other large scale biospheres that have existed!

Biosphere 2 – Link
Bios-3 – Link

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