This video is exceedingly cute as it talks about the battle between AC and DC current and cats and elephants being electrocuted! – Link

8 thoughts on “Thomas Edison Hates Cats

  1. Well then… they don’t teach THAT lesson in high school electronics!

    Edison was a smart guy, but it sounds like he was a bit of a looney too.

  2. Remember that Westinghouse was just the money man, Telsa was the intellectual force behind A.C., His generating station is still pumping out electricity up at Niagara Falls here in N.Y.

  3. I saw this on YouTube a few days ago and thought, “hey, this looks funny!” Turns it isn’t. And I already knew everything the video talks about. And they don’t even mention Tesla! The gall!

  4. “Modern Capital Punishment” is probably not accurate. I wonder when the last time someone got the chair was. I think that modern capital punishment is lethal injection.

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