In preparation for Maker Faire in Austin October 20-21, I’ll be coming to Texas in late August and September. We’ve already spent a lot of time in Austin rounding up makers. Now I want to make sure we reach makers from the entire state of Texas. Are you a maker who lives in Houston, Dallas and San Antonio? Are you involved in making things at Rice or Texas A&M? If so, I’d like to hear from you so I can encourage you to to come to Maker Faire.

If there’s interest, I can make plans to meet groups of local makers on one of my upcoming trips. We can organize a meeting in a coffee shop or pub. If you live or work in one of these cities or universities, please contact me. Also, please feel free to send me introductions to makers that should be invited to participate in Maker Faire. You can also direct your fellow makers to the Maker Faire entry form. Our deadline for open entries closes next week, August 15. We will continue to take entries by invitation after that date.

So please help us make sure we see all of Texas at Maker Faire. We’ve already got a great program lined up but we’re always looking to discover more makers.