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Finkbuilt opaque projector


Steve Lodefink has posted the results of his opaque projector build, using the giant lens he got from American Science & Surplus (see previous post below). The results are beautiful. Love the Plasticote wrinkle paint, the BelAir logo, and the Fender amp power jewel.

Opaque Projector – Link


  • Huge lens: project or paperweight? – Link

10 thoughts on “Finkbuilt opaque projector

  1. did the surplus place sell out of the huge lenses?
    the link you have just goes to the general optics page and i did not see the huge lense, although about a month ago the link went right to it.

    please help

  2. we have this investigatory project in chemistry (junior h.s, philippines) im thinking of making an opaque projector… i want it to be easy…. but i dont even know how to start…. finding materials for this is easy…. my prorblem is HOW COULD I MAKE THIS, EASILY?…. :(((

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