Huh, USB, touchscreen, WiFi looks like it has everything to tinker with… –

Unicon System’s MKitâ„¢ development kit is the first and only unique mobile Linux development kit on the market. It gives professional developers and manufacturers the ability to create new handheld devices for industrial, security, educational and medical applications, as well as various consumer electronics products.

Our patented, wireless, and mobile chip-on-film Linux computer is based on an ARM9 embedded CPU running full blown Linux 2.6 and attached to the back of a 3.5″ touch screen. It is equipped with multiple connectivity options, including two 2.0 high-speed USB host ports and WiFi.

It is a well-designed license free software stack and debugging JTAG board that makes customization easy and guarantees the shortest time to market.

Development kits are available in different modifications including the world’s first SDIO Linux Development Kit.

Unicon Systems. Linux based mobile dev kit – Link.