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Vinchysky writes –

I have been an Apple ][ lover for over 20 years. I still remeber those great games on Apple ][. Unfortunately, I was very busy working on degree and my full time job until 3 years ago. I bought several old Apple ][s from EBAY, hoping that I could get those old-time memory back. Soon I found that this was not the case since the floppy drive and diskettes were too old to work. So I started thinking of alternatives, floppy is really not very reliable and, hey, we are in giga speed CPU era, there are lots of advancements in microelectronics after Apple ][ came out in late 1970. So I was thinking of using solid state storage to replace floppy. Like other Apple ][ fans, CFFA was discovered on the net. Although it is a great idea and very decent product, but that was not what I wanted. I want a real Disk ][ clone which can run those many disk images (.dsk, .nib) that you can find from the net. Being an electronic designers, I decided to build a solid-state drive/disk controller card myself!!

Apple ][ Bluetooth – [via] Link.