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Hi Crafters! Today is Craftzine’s 1 year birthday! Thanks to all for being such loyal readers and visitors to the site each day. Since last year, we’ve logged in over 2,000 posts featuring all kinds of craft projects we hope have inspired you to start making things. There have been so many fun events we covered from our own Maker Faire to all the various craft fairs we visited across the country. (Where we all of course spent way too much money on craft goodies!) Pictured above is a montage of events we covered and projects from past issues in the magazine. If you love what you see on Craftzine, subscribe to CRAFT Magazine and get 4 quarterly issues delivered to your door each year! For only $34.95 you’ll also get access to our Digital Edition. For more info visit our subscription page. Link.

As a special birthday treat we want to give you a gift! Just leave a comment to this post and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a free CRAFT t-shirt and an issue of CRAFT: 04. All comments need to be in by 8pm (PST) tonight. The winner will be announced tomorrow!
Update 8/16: This drawing is now closed and the winner announced! Thanks everyone!
To find out how to comment on Craftzine, visit this page. – Link.

140 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Craftzine! plus Enter to Win CRAFT:04 and a CRAFT T-Shirt

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! You are always the very first blog I check every morning to see all the great crafts.

  2. A whole year has gone by? really? wow time flies when you are reading Craft….
    Happy Birthday and I hope it’s the first of many, I love you guys…..

  3. Happy Birthday, Craft! I’ve been a subscriber from the beginning and have enjoyed every issue! (Not to mention I have you to blame for my ever-growing fabric and yarn stashes, my Blythe obsession….etc… hehe)

  4. Craft seems to be one of the few magazines you can get in a digital format which is awesome, especially since I’m in another country where traditional subscriptions are terribly expensive! Happy Birthday Craft, I hope you have many many more =)

  5. Very crafty indeed getting me to stop lurking and post a comment by offereing the possibility of a free t-shirt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I really enjoy each issue and can’t wait until my move is complete when I get to subscribe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many more!

  6. I’m driving to Santa Clara right now to relocate my boyfriend from Atlanta. I’m really sad that we’ll be 2,000 miles apart, but I’m so happy to know one of us will be near Craft. I can’t wait until I move out West in January to be close to the one magazine I hold so near and dear. Happy Birthday and thanks for being around. Hooray!

  7. Happy Birthday CRAFT!
    I’d like to enter to win the free teeshirt I was promised last year when I signed up for a subscription. That would be like awesome.

  8. Yay!! Happy Birthday to the best magazine out there ^_^
    great work you guys love the Mag and Love the blog can’t wait to see what you come out with in the nest issues.
    Congrats! and Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Hooray! I love Craftzine soooo much! The physicist side of me enjoyed Make, but the artsy side of me needed Craft! I check the blog every day and share the awesome things I find with all my friends.
    Happy Birthday!

  10. Happy b-day! Can’t wait for the next issue to hit the newstands. Oh, and I’m also anxious for the Maker Faire in Austin!

  11. Happy Birthday, Craft! I’ve been enjoying the daily blog posts and have 3 issues. This is a great source of inspiration as well as a great resource. Thanks, Craft!

  12. Happy Birthday, Craft! Each day I look forward to reading the new posts on the blog as it is one of the absolute best sites to find unique creative projects.
    I haven’t found it easy to track down a store that sells Craft in Australia, so I think I will subscribe! I don’t want to miss any more crafty goodness! :)

  13. Hooray! You should have made us craft you a birthday cake. Thanks for a great site – I visit it almost every day!

  14. Yay Craft! Happy Birthday! I can remember when I first found your magazine and blog, I was so happy. Now I check the blog every day and show off my Craft-zine to everyone I talk to. I am always so inspired by your magazine, blog, and enthusiasm for everything. Thanks!

  15. Happy Birthday Craft!!
    I have yet to purchase craft 4 (as I am in Canada – and it is tough to find over here!)
    Enjoy your day! :)

  16. Happy Birthday, Craftzine!! Thank you so much for all the crafty goodness you’ve shared with us through this blog!

  17. it’s the past deadline for the drawing, but happy birthday anyway.
    congratulations craftzine, your blog has led me to countless ideas and opportunities.  here’s to your posts multiplying in number, your feed staying up & current, and may all your visitors return to the site.

  18. Happy birthday, Craft. BTW, I *love* this blog. Madly.
    And now you know how to get lots of comments: (awesome) free stuff!

  19. Happy birthday Craft! I’m very excited about this new issue I received yesterday. I’m going to buy the supplies needed for the police tape scarf today.

  20. sheesh, that was not easy. Comments on most blogs or sites is easy, compared to that process. I was already registered, I subscribe, but had to do it again. Then you get looped all over the place, you get a message to login (even though I was already logged in) and around Robin Hood’s barn. I think this is the spot. I love the online craftzine, I enjoy all the articles, though some stuff isn’t linked to actual valid pages and sites. oh well. It’s the innernets, eh?
    here’s mine:
    Leave a comment!

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