Sean Michael Ragan has created what he calls the “Deathblinger.”

He describes:

“[A 2006 BoingBoing article] describes what might be called the ‘gentrification’ of the skull as cultural icon; the death’s head–once a decidedly kitschy, lower-class, and marginalized symbol–has gone uppercrust, or so they say. Striking evidence is presented in this pavé diamond watch face by Lucien Pellat-Finet/Jacob Arabo, the price of which is left tastefully to our imagination. Being generally opposed to the gentrification of, well… anything, I undertook to reclaim this design in more accessible, familiar, and kitschy materials, viz. rhinestones. Copying the paving pattern from the photo was easy enough with the aid of some hex-graph paper from Some fancy footwork with Illustrator and Photoshop produced [an] image, which was printed to scale on 65lb card stock and used as a pattern.”

I love Sean’s sensitivity to the irony in the designer watch face. Not only is this a smart and funny project, he also provides great documentation for making your own rhinestone skull clock face. Link.