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Really nice, clean build of a desktop CNC machine using plumbing parts and other readily available materials.

Easy to Build Desk Top 3 Axis CNC Milling Machine – Link


  • HOW TO – Make a 3 axis CNC milling machine – Link
  • HOW TO – 3D (3 axis) milling – Link
  • 3D LEGO CNC router / milling machine – Link
  • Homemade CNC machine (video) – Link

10 thoughts on “Easy to build desktop CNC machine

  1. Gah, none of these desktop CNCs are really “easy to build,” they are only “simpler than some others.” For instance, this instructable is missing all the requirements to interfacing with a computer…

    The next MAKE volume needs step-by-steps on how to do a desktop CNC!!!!!!!!!!

  2. “The next MAKE volume needs step-by-steps on how to do a desktop CNC!!!!!!!!!!”

    Absolutely. That’d be excellent, and it could use the Make controller!

  3. Not exactly – it can only control two stepper motors without additional hardware.

    If you add driver boards with direction & step inputs, you can drive 4 such boards (and therefore 4 motors) with the 8 outputs. You just need to use them as paired digital outputs.

    Of course, you’d also lose the easy OSC-based stepper commands without compiling your own firmware and reworking those sections of the code.

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