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Electric vehicle financing

This is interesting, if you’re thinking of getting an electric car but couldn’t afford it quite yet ZAP now offers up financing. Makes sense, most cars are financed in some way, for electric cars to take off some type of financing / monthly payments should be available – Link.

4 thoughts on “Electric vehicle financing

  1. Having lost a fair amount of money on stock a few years ago when they went bankrupt, I’d stay away from Mr. Star and his friends. They mean well, but buyer beware. IMHO.

  2. the post is more about how this is a good idea (financing of electric cars) please do appropriate research, etc. it might make more sense to get a low(er) interest bank loan too…

  3. Nothing new here as far as I can see. ZAP just set themselves up as a middleman for Citibank/FirstAgain financing. Their customers get the convenience of not having to seek out a lender, and I’m sure ZAP gets a kickback from the lending corp. for sending them the business.

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