Chain Mail
ThinkGeek has an incredible chain mail T-Shirt (unless it was an April fool’s product, but it seems like they’re really selling them)…

The ThinkGeek Chain Mail T-Shirt is real chain mail, made from thousands of anodized aluminum rings. This makes the shirt fairly light (for chain mail) at around 20 pounds. But keep in mind that the aluminum rings can be bent and come uncoupled if you don’t take care with the garment. We have included a small bag of extra rings that you can easily bend into place with needle nose pliers if any repairs are needed.

Chain mail T-Shirt – Link.

$100 is a little pricey, but you could make your own chain mail (or try to!)…

Chain maille how-to – Link.

 Blog Chainmailart
Ceramic Chain Mail Art – Link.

From the pages of CRAFT:
Make 1044
Battle Chic – Craft a wardrobe of medieval armor with DIY chainmail. Download sample PDF, read the digital edition or subscribe.