Stupid (yet cool) pen tricks

Timothy Ferriss, author of the 4-Hour Workweek, shows you how to do some nifty pen tricks in this video tutorial. Is this what you end up doing with all that voluminous free time? Tim Ferriss Pen Tricks – Link Related: How to do (and make) magic tricks – Link HOW... Read more »

Repacking NiCd battery packs

The amateur astronomy site Astromart has a short, informative piece on testing and repacking dead power tool NiCd battery packs. These packs are filled with “Sub C” cells. Taking apart a “dead” pack, you can test the individual cells and replace only the bad cells. Rebuilding NiCd Rechargable Battery Packs... Read more »

Free penguins

Liz writes – If you love Linux you automatically love Tux, the cuddly mascot-slash-logo for the open source operating system. Just as the software is free to download and install as your computer’s desktop, the patterns for Tux can be downloaded so he can sit on your desktop next to... Read more »

Firefly PCB

John writes – The Firefly is a tube-based guitar amplifier popularized on (a tube amp community and forum). The Firefly PCB was created so even the beginner to tube amps can succeed. The PCB is “open hardware” meaning that the PCB file is free to download and modify as... Read more »

MAH PONK: An open table tennis videogame

Viacheslav writes – I wanted to do something that has a VGA compatible output. I also had an FPGA board lying around and a bad itch to do something useless. With the help of, various online Verilog HDL references and VGA timing information I made something that outputs a... Read more »