Scrollable iPhone Dock

Until now, you’ve needed to be selective about what applications are added to the iPhone’s home screen. There are a lot of great 3rd party apps becoming available, but the OS doesn’t have the ability to show more than 16 at a time on the home screen. Nate True fixed... Read more »

Safe Toys You Can Make

With al the recent scary news of the toy recall ( list here), now more than ever is the time to take back our children’s safety in our own hands and have fun in the process by crafting our own toys! To get you started, here’s a roundup of some... Read more »

HOW TO – Laser cut (and cook) meat

Here’s how to laser cut (and cook) a steak… I didn’t want to be the first to try this, so I’m glad someone else did (settings included)… Link. It might be time to have a laser-cooked-only dinner…. Related: Laser etch sushi nori – Link. Laser etched matza – Link. Read more »

HOW TO – Build a very fancy crystal radio

I was never much into amateur radio or crystal set building, so I can’t judge the technical veracity of this project, but the how-to looks very thorough and the results are spectacular. The dials, tap switch and case are so cool-looking, they make me want to build one. Build an... Read more »

CRAFT iPhone wallpapers

A few people asked for our covers in iPhone wallpaper format (320 x 480) so here there are (MAKE, CRAFT and Halloween images) enjoy! To install them just put the set in iPhoto (Mac) or point iTunes to the folder they’re in (Win/Mac). The first person to take a photo... Read more »