Michael O’Brien, a.k.a. Turbotron, has posted pics of this project to the MAKE Flickr Pool. It’s a mint-tin amp based on the LM386 chip, the same op-amp chip used in the MAKE Mousey the Junkbot and Cracker Box Amp projects. The case is an Altoids box, painted gloss black enamel, the grill is from a PC power supply, and the control hardware is from The Shack.

Little gem – Link
Little Gem Circuit Diagrams – Link


  • Mousey the Junkbot PDF – Link
  • Weekend Projects: Mousey The Junkbot – Link
  • Mint-Tin Amp PDF – Link

From the pages of MAKE:
Project: The $5 Cracker Box Amplifier. Small box, big sound. Read this article in MAKE: 09: Fringe, Page 104. To get MAKE, subscribe or purchase single volumes. Subscribers–read this article now in your digital edition!