Berlin Hacker Spaces

I recently got back from the hackers on a plane trip to Defcon, Chaos Communications Camp, and a hacker space tour of Germany and Austria. I’ll be posting this week about some more hacker spaces, workshops and hackers!

Berlin is filled with hackers! C-Base, CCC, and Esh are all popular hangouts.


A long time ago, a space station from the future crashed in Berlin. A group of hackers discovered this station buried in the depths of a building and formed a collective to reverse engineer the ship so that it can be resurrected… and then make it to the future to return again! C-Base is a hacker space with an awesome mythology to it. With over a hundred members, events happen every night to work on different projects. I had a chance to check out this touch-screen, rear-projection table top which has IR sensors to detect touch. One of the great things about this space is the atmosphere. It’s a club upstairs and a full-on members only workshop downstairs! – Link


Photo by jonasj

The Chaos Computer Club is also in Berlin, but I didn’t get a chance to visit them since they were working on breaking camp down. I did get a chance to learn a lot about the CCC and I’m working up an article about the history of CCC. The CCC is group that does a lot to defend digital rights and they do insanely cool projects like blinkenlights.- Link


Another hacker hangout to visit in Berlin is Esch. There are these awesome creature contraptions that appear to be pneumatically powered and they are coin operated! – Link