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This was one of the other winners of the Instructables/TreeHugger/PopSci Go Green! Contest. It’s a fairly easy to build tank-top sink that uses the inflow tank water as a (cold water) hand washing sink.

Hack a Toilet for free water – Link


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10 thoughts on “Homemade toilet tank sink

  1. Not an original idea. I’ve seen toliets like this in Japan before. I’m hoping this gets mainstreamed in the US though.

  2. What’s so gross? It’s not water from the toilet; it’s water going to the toilet. At that point, it’s the same as the water from the tap. It’s not like you’re drinking out of the garbage disposal if you get a glass of water from the kitchen sink…

  3. If you are draining this back into the tank, it is illegal & unsanitary. The required air gap between the supply & waste is *after* the tank. Technically, the tank is a supply device. Water from the tank could be siphoned back into the water system.

    /raised by plumbers – kinda like being raised by wolves, ‘cept I’m handy around the house.

    //Also watched Quincy ME when I was a kid…

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