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Have a toddler in your life who loves beaded jewelry (necklaces, bracelets), but who just can’t resist popping them and splattering the beads everywhere? Sick of your buttons popping off? Use thread made out of Kevlar! Available on Amazon – [via] Link.

10 thoughts on “Kevlar Thread

  1. At first I read this as meaning beaded things for toddlers, not adult jewelry that a toddler might pull on.
    Obviously a toddler should not have beaded jewelry, particularly on unbreakable (strangle-hazard) thread.

  2. It would be very important to use a safe clasp – such as a magnetic one – which comes apart fairly easily, if using this thread for stringing beads (even for adults). Thread this thin could garrotte you!

  3. QUOTE: This thread is very strong and you can cut yourself with it if you try to break it by hand.
    Am I the only one who finds that a little scary?

  4. This stuff is great! I was introduced to it in a beading class where we learned peyote stitch. The thread cuts easily with scissors and will fray if too long a strand is used in the beading process (off-loom beading, not stringing) but does it ever make a strong bracelet.

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