Make a pocket LED cube – Weekend Project PDFcast

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This is one of those projects that fell together perfectly. Recently I traveled around Europe with some friends on a tour of hacker spaces and one of the hacker spaces that we visited was Das Labor ( Two of the hackers there, Peter and Martin, have been making these amazing LED cubes that were 5x5x5 and 8x8x8. They had even made a cube with RGB LEDs that blew our minds. These things were so cool we just had to make one! I had Mitch Altman and fellow hacker tour adventurer George Shammas over to make a plan to get parts and order everything we would need and quickly we realized we could hack Lady Ada’s awesome and open source minipov3 to use it as a microcontroller platform and create a super simple 3x3x3 cube. You can make one too! – PDF Link

Here’s the link to the programs you’ll need to load up your Pocket LED Cube with our little animations, look at these and make your own! – Zip File Link

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24 thoughts on “Make a pocket LED cube – Weekend Project PDFcast

  1. The colors for a 47 ohm resistor is Yellow-Violet-Black. In the video the last color was Brown, that would be 470 ohms.


  2. The last picture in the PDF shows four wires–one with the 47 ohm resistor–coming out of the processor socket.

    What do they connect to? I assume they go to the cathodes. But

    (a) Does the one with the resistor connect to somewhere special?
    (b) How do I decide which cathodes (or whatever) they connect to?
    (c) Do you have a recommended starting point for someone just starting out.


  3. (c) really should be read as “If it is my choice which cathodes to connect, what spots would be good places to begin? Corners?

    Thanks again

  4. 2 questions
    1)the wires on the back of the pov kit, do they go to the cathodes or to the anodes?
    2)could you build a 4x4x4 or a 5x5x5 using the pov kit?

  5. Can you help me to program my ATtiny2313 cause when i type the make program-ledcube.c i get an error that : No such file or directory/input file auto detected as invalid format

  6. I don’t see where to attach the 9th anode, cathode and resistor onto the miniPOV3 kit.

    Can anyone help?


  7. Hey guys, if you want to make your animations loop, replace this code in your .c file:

    int j = 0;
    do {
    } while (pgm_read_byte(&imageTab[j].imageDuration) != 0);

    With this modified code:

    int j = 0;
    do {
    if (pgm_read_byte(&imageTab[j].imageDuration) != 0)
    j = 0;
    } while (1);

    I couldn’t find info on how to loop the animations anywhere else on the net, so i figured this might help someone out there who was struggling like me to find a solution.

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