Back to school giveaway – POCKET REF!!

It’s time for another back to school giveaway – POCKET REF!! “If there was just one tool that no (back to school) Maker should be without, what would it be?” This may just be the tool we’d pick. This great little book is a concise all-purpose reference featuring hundreds of tables, maps, formulas, constants & conversions and it still fits in your shirt pocket! Packed with mathematical formula, tables, standard conversion ratio, scientific fact, technical specification, electric wire size vs. load, resistor color codes, Morse code, sun & planet data, earthquake scales, nail sizes, geometry formulas, currency exchange rates, carpentry, automotive, physical science, water friction losses, charts for battery charging, lumber sizes & grades, floor joint span limits, insulation R values, periodic table, and as they say, much, much more! It’s no wonder The Pocket Ref was featured in MythBusters…

To win one TODAY 9/11/07 – post an answer to this question in the comments, here is the topic:

If you could “open source” any project, device, anything that’s not open source now what would it be (and why?).

Here are some starters from me… Sony’s AIBO robot dogs and QRIO humanoid robots. Sony killed these off, they should put it out there and advance the industry, they did great work – why should every robotistic waste time reinventing the same stuff Sony figured out. The next one is Deep Blue, c’mon IBM! You can’t make a chess machines that beat our best human chess player at the time and now show how you did it!

Post up by the end of the day (11:59pm PDT) and I’ll pick one, make it good. If you missed out today, we’ll do this again soon – or just get a Pocket Ref in the Maker store… Link.


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