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Xbox 360 Chatpad disassembly

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Photos of the disassembly of the brand-new Xbox 360 Chatpad, showing the PIC16F883 it contains which makes it ripe for hacking, thanks Steve! Link.

18 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Chatpad disassembly

  1. Wow, it looks like it wouldn’t be too hard to mod this in to a tiny PS/2 keyboard… or, if it isn’t already, a simple serial-port keyboard capable of hooking up to a microcontroller.

  2. Hey there… These are my photos. My initial thought was that it would be USB, but looking at the data sheet for the PIC I’m figuring it’s probably just SPI. I haven’t dug far into this yet because I’ve actually been using the pad. Soon, though. ;)

  3. Hmm… If you try using it as intended, ie. plugged into an xbox360 controller, what happens when you connect the controller to a normal USB port? Does it show up as additional HID and bidirectional audio devices?

    Better still, if you use their wireless USB adapter, can you then use this as a keyboard for, say, a linux laptop in your backpack? Connect the earpiece/microphone that comes with it, and perhaps you could make wifi voip calls through any nearby accessible hotspot. Or enter the first few letters of a track name and listen to matching entries from your music library. It could be a good glove-compartment-compatible keyboard for an in-dash car computer…. the possibilities go on and on.

    I can’t be the only one out here who would like to use this as an compact cordless keyboard on a Mac! :-)

  4. The datasheet for the XBOX 360 controller indicates “Text Input Device (TID) Port Feature: UART for Gamepad Accessory Receptacle or Plug In Module.” Which means probably a TTL level UART protocol.

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