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Raising an old OnStar GPS unit from the dead

In this PopSci “Void Your Warranty” piece, MAKE contributing writer Dave Prochnow shows you how to use an old OnStar GPS unit on a laptop computer with free software, no subscription required.

Raising GPS from the Dead – Link


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16 thoughts on “Raising an old OnStar GPS unit from the dead

  1. As a mechanic, this is pretty cool. But whats the VIU thats referred to? I have a pro repair program, OnDemand5, that cant find this item. There is a VCIM, or vehicle communication interface module, referred to in a 2003 chevy tahoe…maybe thats it? I think so. They (mitchell OD5) refer to the two modems inside, the cellular and GPS module.

    Hidden behind the right side of the dash. I’ll keep an eye on this post, if anyone has questions as to where the VCIM is I’ll try to post an answer. I gotta try this- GPS on the cheap!

  2. Well, was wandering through….lucky you.

    Let me throw a few tea leaves out…….

    It appears to be behind the passenger side airbag, much like the 2003. The view shown to me is of the instrument panel, but viewed from the ‘backside’, not the view one would have in the passenger seat. I assume that the dash assy pulls away easy….there will be two ‘boxes’, one near the bottom, the other on the same level as the airducting to the door. Top box is VCIM, and bottom box is digital radio reciever.

    Volkemon (jic comments arent fully tested yet…changes!)

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