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Light traces

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MAKE Flickr photo pool member Sebastian writes –

All the pictures were taken with a regular digital camera set to an exposure time of 0.5 to 2 seconds. The lines you see were created by LED lights attached to moving objects.

You can use any small light source to make the trace of a moving object visible (bicycle light, flash light, key light). Just attach the light to the object, and make sure the room is completely dark. Then take a long exposure picture of the moving light using your Digi Cam.

It’s even more fun to go further and analyze the speed of the object! To do that, use a fast blinking LED light (such as the Inova pulsed LEDs you can buy at Target Stores for $7). The distance between the dots is a measure of speed.

Light Traces – a photoset on Flickr – Link & more.

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