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The Hexipod 3

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Brian writes in –

I built this a few years ago. I had seen all the nice hexapod kits from lynxmotion. I figured I could do the same thing, but for less money. So I got 12 servos, an OOPic microcontroller (, and a bunch of basswood from the local hobby shop. I had just started my “maker” lifestyle, and I didn’t have a lot of tools. But I set out to make my own walker with a hobby knife saw, a rotary tool, a few screw drivers, some wire, and an old, OLD 120Hz laptop. A few nights later, my walker was walking. I had a controller with forward, reverse, left, right, and a programmable “dance” button.

The robot had a good life as a demo robot at a few FIRST robots events, as little kids loved to make it walk and dance. But eventually it got old, and I harvested the servos. But this little wooden robot got me walking down the path of a maker – I’m just about finished refurbishing a FREE (but dead) Emco F1 CNC mill for my home shop, which will go nicely next to the mini lathe. I hope to start documenting more of my projects on Instructables…

Hexipod 3 – Link.

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