MAKE & CRAFT now has how-to videos @ SmartFlix!

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Big news for Makers! MAKE and CRAFT now offer hundreds of awesome How-To videos available as DVD rentals through a seamless interface with our good partner, SmartFlix. SmartFlix is a service that rents video DVDs – just like your corner video store (NetFlix, BlockBuster, etc) … but they rent how-to videos. Videos on running lathes, making glass beads, welding steel, oil painting, building guitars… A lot of our Makers use SmartFlix so we’re really happy to be part of this. Here are the two sites…



As you may have guessed, MAKE/CRAFT gets a % of each DVD rental we generate through the sites so if you’re going to rent from SmartFlix consider using the MAKE/CRAFT sites.

I’m using the service as a regular customer and will be reviewing a few of the DVDs as I rent them. The first one that I watched over the weekend was “Basic Electronics – Part 1: Direct Current”. Here’s the description: “Begin with the basics. In part 1, you begin by learning about voltage, current and resistance. Then you progress into series circuits, parallel circuits, Ohm’s law, power equations and much more. In a single afternoon you will find yourself drawing series-parallel circuits and calculating voltage drops and current flows in circuits you designed”.

Make 1130
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Make 1132
It’s probably one of the few (and good) videos about something like this, it’s about 45 minutes long and uses what looks like Apple II graphics which are actually perfect for this subject matter. It’s not as good as a day long class or years of training of course, but it does a good job in a short amount of time of showing the basics. Keep in mind, this is sorta what I do on a Saturday night for fun, your fun may vary.


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