Active Belt buzzes you in the right direction


Next time you get lost, you might wish you were wearing the “Active Belt”. Consisting of seven pager motors and a GPS unit, this prototype will buzz you in the right direction (forward, back, right left) in order to direct you towards your destination. Let’s just hope the porn industry doesn’t get a hold of it first.

ActiveBelt: Belt-type Wearable Tactile Display for Directional Navigation Link

24 thoughts on “Active Belt buzzes you in the right direction

  1. I think there was a similar article in wired less than a year ago (no link yet, googlefu isn’t working today). A guy wore about a dozen vibro motors around his waist. From the time he woke up, to the time he went to bed, the motor closest to the magnetic north would slightly vibrate. The intention was to hack his senses, so that he had a better understanding of where north is, even when he’s not wearing the belt.

  2. Heh. Porn industry… “North! South! North! South!”

    But I digress..

    This is similar but different enough in itself.. This one is directing you to a location. I’m sure it would go fairly nutso if you stood still or sat somewhere for a little while. Which way are you facing? Which way are you going? Who knows. Car GPSs assume the last angle you were headed is where you’re pointing, but as far as humans go, we can rock back and forth in a chair, turn in place, etc, which may not register a big enough difference in distance.

    Anyways, I’m rambling, and I forgot what I was going to say.


  3. This would be great for the visually impaired, or anyone suffering from any kind of proprioceptive malady. Anyone thought of testing it for that purpose?

  4. I remember doing a project like this where a group of us tried flocking like birds with pager-motor belts. I had mine around my leg, but everybody with waist-belts ended up feeling totally nauseated after the 15 minute demo.

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