Boeing Surplus is Closing

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One of my favorite place to go get weird hardware and materials is closing on December 21st. If you’ve never been, you better go while the getting is good! – Link

20 thoughts on “Boeing Surplus is Closing

  1. I heard about this yesterday, and I almost cried. Boeing surplus was a place my mom took me once and a while when I was a kid. As a 10 year old it was almost hypnotizing to run around and see all the amazing and interesting bits of corporate aviation flotsam as it made it’s way into the hands of the public. The electronics section was the best with all the walkie talkies and computer parts in bins. I even bought my first laptop there (A dell Latitude CP with a fan that never spun up, so it would crash after overheating sometimes).

    I am now set on picking up one of the famous Yellow Boeing bikes (beat to hell one-speeds that they use to ferry parts from the parts department to the line) just to mess with. I figure that’s what any self respecting Maker should do.

  2. Oh how sad… I have heard several rumors about this but haven’t heard the official word.
    But it was getting rather lame as of late. My dad used to go there all the time when I was knee high. I remember we would always find something to buy… Warning signs for the walls in our rooms were a popular buy :P

    A sad day for makers…. but one wonders.. what are they going to do with all of the junk they used to sell? because it’s only going to cost them to dispose of it now, unless they found a corp. that wants to buy it.


  3. Hmm call me stupid, but maybe Boeing surplus is subject to the same rules as the guy who has to close down his non profit computer and electronics re-use warehouse? (think i read the article here on makezine.com)

  4. It is indeed a sad situation. But it wasn’t the only Boeing Surplus out their. Wichita Kansas had one as well. When Boeing sold that plant to Spirit Areospace, the surplus store remained open. Not as awesome as the Kent location but it is closer to my house.

  5. I’ve never been out that way, but I remember when Honeywell closed their Framingham (MA) surplus outlet in the early 1970s. I built many projects with cases, relays, salvaged 74XX chips, then furnished half my apartment with key-tape station tables. Sigh.

  6. Where will old fuddies go to shop for metal parts, etc. and exchange war stories while shopping?
    This is cruel and unhumane.

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