DIY Bluetooth Frankenphones

When Sarah Lemarié’s Logitech Bluetooth headphones snapped in half, as they are apparently wont to do, she did what any self-respecting hardware hacker would do: she mashed them up with a pair of corded phones that she liked to create her own set of wireless Frankenphones.

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6 thoughts on “DIY Bluetooth Frankenphones

  1. I just finished something similar a few weeks ago for my motorcycle helmet. I used the same Logitech headphones.

    Instead of hardwiring the speakers to the board, I connected a headphone jack to the PCB, and use my earbud speakers.

    I attached the LiPo battery next to the board, and the whole assembly slips between the helmet shell and cheek pad. I wired a magnetic reed switch in parallel with the play/pause/power switch. This lets me power on/off the receiver with a small rare-earth magnet stuck to my glove. A lot easier than fumbling for a contact switch.

    The transmitter plugs into my zune which I’ve mounted to the tank.

    I picked up the headphones for ~$30 off ebay. This is a lot cheaper solution than the commercial versions designed for motorcycles ($200-$400). It is also nice and invisible. Other solutions I’ve seen are usually big bulky modules you’ve got to stick on the side of your helmet.


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