The i-Sobot, Tomy’s mini-humanoid, has barely been stacked on stores shelves and already toybot enthusiasts have been busy making silly videos with them (as has been widely done with Robosapien and other consumer robot “toys”). The above all-in-good-fun goofiness is brought to you by Robert Oschler, chief meatbot at Robots Rule. Looking at this elaborate vid, complete with soundtrack, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the comment that Gizmodo made about Harold Ilano’s Mercury bot I blogged about on Street Tech a few weeks ago: “Not only does it have light sensors in order to follow light sources, its looks freak out Mrs. Harold Ilano, who hates bugs with a passion. Just kidding. Nobody who builds something like this has a wife.” We kid, we kid the toy robot movie-makers!

i-SOBOT Fight Club : The Shocking Truth! – Link