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Etsy seller yellowcraftychick has these great handmade accordion style Moo card albums that are perfect to hold and carry up to 12 of your favorite Moo cards. Link.

6 thoughts on “Moo Card Albums

  1. I’ve been looking for something along these lines, but more as a carrying case to replace the white plastic case that comes with Moo cards. Any really good contenders?

  2. Hi Dave,
    You’re best bet may be to make one. Maybe even a needlepoint one w/ plastic canvas cut to size? :)
    This will be on my radar — I’ll see if I can find a stylish one too.
    – nat

  3. First, thanks for blogging my little moo albums!
    Second, about a carrying case – Splatgirl on Etsy makes some very cute ones. You should check them out! :)

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