Found in our CRAFT pool: Flickr user knit_purr has knitted up a batch of adorable mittens so small it’s mind-boggling! Really curious about what the needles must have looked like…toothpicks? Link.

4 thoughts on “Tiny Mittens

  1. Toothpicks are too fat to be the needles on these, I’d think! 000 or 0000 needles (maybe usually used for lacemaking?) might have done it.

  2. (posting for M.E. williams)
    I can’t get the login to work for me, so I’m unable to leave a comment. Miniature knits like the ones done here are usually done on “unfolded” paper clips or on craft wire. I think the points of pins are too sharp to use; they split the thread. I’ve seen a book or two on “miniature knitting” and remember when BugKnits was hot a few years ago, and while it can be done on very fine lace needles, it’s easier to do this on something shorter. So lots of people use wire.
    http://craftyminx.vox.com/M.E. Williams

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