Change the “Ready” message on HP printers to say “Insert coin”

Insert Coin
Yaakov writes –

This little perl program allows you to set the “Ready Message” on HP printers to whatever you’d like. (if you want to run it under Windows, and don’t know how, read this.) I wrote it after coming across the command in an HPPJL (HP Printer Job Language) reference manual I was reading for some reason that I now forget.

Well, of course I couldn’t ignore such an opportunity, and it turns out to be a lot of fun. You can think up your own funny, confusing or scary messages. My personal favorite is “INSERT COIN” which fits perfectly on the small LCDs. You can even sit in sight of the printer and change the message while watching the reaction of your victim. Don’t be surprised, though, if a large fraction don’t even notice.

Change the “Ready” message on HP printers to say “Insert coin” – Link.

18 thoughts on “Change the “Ready” message on HP printers to say “Insert coin”

  1. You can get pretty creative with this. I’ve always found the concept of psychotic printers funny so “FEED ME A STRAY CAT” is a good ready message.

    However, my biggest laugh from this came from “PAPER UPSIDEDOWN”. This actually lead to someone reading the messege, looking quite confused, then opening the paper tray and flipping the paper over.

  2. I just did this at work and it worked. If I get fired I am blaming you guys :P

    Any other suggestions to print on the display?

    I was going to use “who farted?” but though I may get into trouble. So I went with PC LOAD LETTER.

    That should keep people busy for a while.

  3. One of the printers here now says “BBQ SAUCE LOW”.

    The other says “OUT OF CHEESE”, and under that, “PAPER BACKWARDS”.

  4. Back when I did this in 1998, some favorite messages were: COOLANT LOW, HACK THE PLANET, OUT OF WHITE, RADIATION DANGER, TURN PAPER OVER, TRAY 4 EMPTY (only 3 trays), 00 BREADY, TONER HIGH, and so on.

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