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As Hacked Gadgets says, you probably won’t have time to create this amazing LED hat for this Halloween, but if you start soldering now, you might have it done for next Halloween, or if you hurry, next Mardi Gras. The results look worth the effort.

LED Hat with pac-man, space invaders etc. – [via] Link

10 thoughts on “Killer-cool LED hat

  1. Does this guy have a website? I’d love to see some details, like how many LED’s he used, what micro and possibly the program he used.

  2. hello, thanks for the nice comments, more info from the builder (me) here. I’m afraid it’s not a tutorial, more of a journal. Maybe one day I’ll condense it down…

  3. Thanks for posting Wu-lee! Great work you did on the hat, and I’m reading your journal as I type this… one note:

    THe link you posted for the code you are using seems to have read restrictions on it, and I can’t access it.


    I get a Permission Denied, this action requires BROWSER_VIEW permission :(

    I’ve started a discussion on the Make Forums about this, so that hopefully we can help you clean the journal into a how-to, and possibly make it easier/cheaper to assemble…. discussion here

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