Setting up at Maker Faire

Some photos as we set up Maker Faire and the Maker store!

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7 thoughts on “Setting up at Maker Faire

  1. For those of us unable to attend (and not happy about missing it) It would be cool if there was a list of project kits available at the show that we could buy later. (does anyone agree?)

  2. I agree to a point. Probably all the kits will show up in the Maker Store. What I’m interested is the Austin Poster. Was there one produced?

  3. Ok, how cool is this? I volunteer setting up the store today, and MY PICTURE IS ON THE FRICKIN’ BLOG! I’m the guy on the far right on the 6th picture down. WOOHOO!! And, I’ve gotta say, this weekend’s going to be AMAZING! I went on the tour, and omigod, a weekend pass may not give me enough time to see everything. WOW!

  4. Yeah, Pepik and I are putting together a cool wooden Cabaret Mechanical automata kit (I’m the cueball on the left). But we seemed to have been a cam short of an animated object. Troubleshoot as we might, we couldn’t figure out what the problem was. And then others came by and took the techie/mechanical challenge (each one filled with geekly bravado: Lemme look at that thing, I bet *I* can figure this out). So far, our automata continues to put on one sad little show (or as Foghorn Leghorn liked to say: “Boy, I see you swingin’ your ax, but no chips are flyin'”) The creator of the kit is coming to the Faire, so hopefully she’ll tell us what we were doing wrong.

  5. Oh, actually Gareth, I’m the one in the background. The one whose side is barely visible. (I know, I’m easily excitable.) (Loved the robot book, btw.)

  6. >I wish I were there; I bet I could make it work.

    The geek gauntlet has once again been thrown down.

    Not-Pepik and I had a lot of fun working on it, yakking, and trying to think through what wasn’t working. You can learn a lot from that process.

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