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Jeff writes in with a new Carl & Jerry! –

After a lot of delays this summer, I finally got the fourth (of five) volumes of Carl & Jerry stories up on Lulu and ready to sell…I also pinched off the first free story from Volume 4:

The story presents a fascinating concept: An “infrasonic” microphone that works a little like an aneroid barometer, with a flexible brass sheet sealed over the mouth of a glass jar, acting as one plate of a capacitor that varies in response to atmospheric pressure waves of extremely low frequency. Interestingly, the story is one of the few in which it’s never resolved whether the gadget really works or not, but it always made me want to build one and try it myself–which, after all, is what the Carl & Jerry stories are supposed to do!

The final Volume 5 should be done by the end of the year. Thanks for putting the stories back in the public eye.

Carl & Jerry: Their Complete Adventures, Volume 4 by John T. Frye (Book) – Link & sample PDF.