HOW TO – Build your own Sputnik

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BBC is interested in finding and filming people who create their own version of Sputnik using the conveniences of modern day technology. They will even research how to get it put into orbit, thanks Adam! – Link.

4 thoughts on “HOW TO – Build your own Sputnik

  1. Great – the BBC comparing Sputnik to a biscuit tin. I’m annoyed that they think so little of Sputnik’s engineering that they think it’s a miracle that similar components can now be found in people’s homes, including:
    -A fan
    -A thermometer
    -A balloon?!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think they had those in the 50s! The transmitters might be a bit later – maybe 1960, when the transistor had really caught on – but this is such a stupid article!

    Sputnik was a technical masterpiece because it was able to be put in a (relatively) stable orbit and survive getting there! I’d like to see a mercury thermometer and a balloon survive the 4g shove of an Proton booster.

  2. The amazing thing about Sputnik was the fact it was flying around in space surely. If you can get a biscuit tin in space with household objects then THAT is impressive.

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