Make a Halloween mask of…yourself!


Ok well you don’t really have to make a mask of yourself, but you can use this tutorial from Microsoft to make a mask of anyone you want.

Using Microsoft’s Digital Imaging Suite you can turn almost any image into a mask.

Make your own Halloween mask – Link.

12 thoughts on “Make a Halloween mask of…yourself!

  1. So… incredibly… lame. I was expecting some kind of technique to apply a face texture to a 3D papercraft mask. This guide is really nothing more than a how to use windows to print out a .JPG “real big”. It’s also on Microsoft’s website. FAIL!

  2. Great idea, but I agree – doesn’t need much of an explanation. However, page 2, where they show you how to shrink/expand your kid’s head to fit the mask, had a few helpful tips I hadn’t thought of.

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