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Cup melts glacier, tells you how hot it is


Created with heat sensitive ink, this cup shows an animation of a melting glacier when hot liquids are poured into it. At least now you’ll know if you are single-handedly responsible for global warming by getting your morning coffee.

Heat Sensitive Cup – Link, [via]

10 thoughts on “Cup melts glacier, tells you how hot it is

  1. They should really mass produce this cup and donate x% to lobbying or some global warming initiative. This mug would be the perfect gift for my dad, the weather guy.

  2. It seems that this is not a real product at all, but only a “scary idea”. In fact, I seriously doubt it’s technically feasible to make one. So far this cup is just as much real as the global warming. Research your facts.

  3. That website doesn’t take into account that every time you use a disposable cup, you are producing another cup. So the line should be increasing on that graph and not decreasing. If you do use a disposable cup for a year, good for you (and the environment too!) So, really, a ceramic cup becomes worth wile after ~30 times… plus, its less waste as we are going to run out of materials eventually.

    Also, you could produce a cup to do that, just have each layer of paint become transparent after a certain temperature.

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