Matt writes –

It’s Halloween again, instead of trick or treating, why not stay home and surprise the kids looking for treats with a shot of silly string at the back of their heads. Joey Rabier shows you this quick and easy mod to drive the neighborhood kids batty, just don’t blame us if your house gets TP’d.

Motion activated silly string shooter – Link.

8 thoughts on “Motion activated silly string shooter

  1. HELL, YEAH!
    Great idea. I’m not sure whether to use the cheap kind that catches fire, available at your finer dollar stores, or settle for the scare factor alone. :-)

  2. That wastes a LOT of sillystring… It would be better to just blast them with cold air or something. If you need something to stick to them, just use real string. it’s not that hard to get off, and with a hard enough blast of air you can suck a signifigant amount of string onto the victiiiii-i-i mean your ‘trick or treater’.

    I think just air would work better though.

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