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Solar hat fan keeps you cool


This baseball hat has a solar panel on top and DC motorized fan on the front with a nice ventilation hole cut in the bill. Very handy for a summer day or also useful for walks through well lit bakeries if you want the full aromatic experience.

Solar Fan Cap – Link

8 thoughts on “Solar hat fan keeps you cool

  1. When I was little, I was obsessed with taking the small fans out of computers, and hooking them up to 9 volt batteries. I even took a hat and glued one fan on, so I could “keep my brain cool”

  2. Has this blog now turned into a billboard ? What is so new and innovative on that thing? here clearly must be something, as these caps has been around for ages…

  3. That link seems to be a wholesaler.
    Does anyone actually sell these retail?

    More to the point, since that this is MAKE–
    how would you cut the hole in the hat, without leaving a ragged edge?

    Would a hole-saw work?

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