Give one (XO laptop), get one, and get free T-Mobile access for a year


T-Mobile just announced that when you participate in the “Give One, Get One” program (donate an XO laptop to a child in a developing country for $400, get one of your own), you’ll get a year of free Wi-Fi at T-Mobile hotspots:

The Give One Get One philanthropic campaign puts laptops into the hands of children in the developing world. For a limited time – from Nov. 12 to Nov. 26, 2007 – people can donate $399 for two laptops. One laptop will be given to a child in the developing world. The other laptop will be sent to the donor along with information on how to activate the one year of complimentary T-Mobile HotSpot service.

We’re hoping to see a lot of cool and fun hacks come out for this uber-gadget when lots of hackers and kids get their hands on them – Link [via]


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