Happy Guy Fawkes night

It’s November 5th – celebrate counterterrorism day @ Harpers and also make your own Guy Fawkes mask (V for Vendetta) for the big night tonight! … – Link.

2 thoughts on “Happy Guy Fawkes night

  1. Something that isn’t mentioned in the history books and is something that should never, never be forgot.

    Is that in 1906 word had been heard that King James was rewriting the bible for the benifit for control over Britain and of future souls.

    Nobody today sees this as a great crime or an act of treason against the human race. Royalty and the rich have used this evil book to confuse and manipulate millions.

    Down with James and praise to Guido for trying to save us from the blood shed of the modern day crusades!

    In future, let’s put the king on the fire and while the sky explodes in colour, let us admire Mr.Fawkes,

    the everyday man, who stood up and fort against these filthy tyrants and dictators.

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