Phoenix DIY Meeting 2

Greetings Phoenix makers and crafters! The second official meeting of the Phoenix DIY group will be held Tuesday, November 13th, at 7pm. We will have presentations on electric skateboards, carbon fiber bikes, and origami. If you’re in the Phoenix metro area, join us! – Link. Read more »

Laure Drogoul’s Amplified Knitting

The fabulous store Atomic Pop in Baltimore recently hosted a book reading with KnitKnit author Sabrina Gschwandtner, which also featured artist Laure Drogoul’s amplified knitting project. As the Baltimore Sun notes: Depending on the knitters’ numbers, their speed and Drogoul’s soundboard manipulations of wooden, plastic and steel needles, both fat... Read more »

Date Stamp Hack

When I want to organize files and folders on my computer by date, I usually include the date at the beginning of the file name, as in “2007-11-05_file.jpg” or similar. This general-to-specific date format makes it easy to drill down through chronological files. I’ve been enjoying the use of my... Read more »

Arduino AVR In System Programmer (ISP)

David Fowler of uC Hobby writes: Randall converted an Arduino into AVR chip programming hardware for use with AVRDude. The project programs AVR tiny13 and other tiny AVR chips using an Arduino. He provides code and instructions to implement the Atmel AVR910 In System Programming protocol. Arduino AVR In System... Read more »