Sugar based DIY pumice

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Ryan seems to have discovered a sweet DIY pumice recipe, he writes –

I was working on my bike just now, and had pretty well covered my hands with some serious gunkage. Normally I just use dishwashing detergent to clean my hands, but tonight my old pal Dawn just wasn’t cutting it. I needed some pumice, and I needed it quick. Right next to the kitchen sink there’s a big jar of sugar — it’s granular, it’s cheap, it’s eco-friendly, and it dissolves in water — so I figured I’d give it a whirl. Our hero (hint: me) mixed up a thick paste of dishwashing liquid and sugar in each palm, went to town, and holy crap did it work well! Just as good if not better than Gojo, and fast too. In about 2 minutes of scrubbing, my hands were completely clean, even under the nails. Give it a try!

10 thoughts on “Sugar based DIY pumice

  1. I personally use salt. It is probably a better option because it wont leave any sticky residue…

    Great tip though! I hadn’t even thought about posting up my solution.

  2. I’m not proud to admit it but I was watching What Not to Wear and sugar was the recommended exfoliating agent for men by there make up girl.

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