Make Pt0029
How to make an Altoids tin version of the MiniPOV! –

It seems that everyone and their mother is cramming various projects into mint tins these days. Well, that’s a bandwagon that I just couldn’t resist jumping onto. The only question was what project to build?

I ordered a MiniPOV3 kit from the Makezine Store, a while back. After building it and playing with it, and letting my kids play with it, and repairing it a couple times after the kids played with it, I decided it needed a case to live in. Realization struck. The first thing I did was check Google to find out if it had been done before. As far as I could tell, it hadn’t, so I started gathering parts.

Rather than mess up my original kit, I decided to scratch build the circuit on perfboard. I used LEDs that I had harvested from a string of LED christmas lights, resistors and other bits from various sources, and the requisite mint (Wintergreen flavor) tin.

MintyPOV – Link.

MiniPOV- An Inexpensive Persistence of Vision – Link.