SparkFun just opened up a huge can of newness – here are some of their latest that I thought was worth checking out…

You knew it was coming. The Port-O-Rotary has dropped in price for the holiday ridiculousness. Black is $200, red is $250. But wait, there’s more! These new units have a built-in fast charger (no more opening the case). Pick up the handset and you’ll hear what no other cellular phone has – a dial tone! – Link.

If you’ve ever played with Atmel AVRs, you may have discovered how annoying the two different ISP (in circuit serial programming) interfaces can be. We designed this simple interface board to allow you to connect basic 10-pin programmers to 6-pin devices (think Arduino and LilyPad). We also included an inline connector for easy AVR breadboarding! – Link.

This is a ScreenKey – a programmable button that can display any graphic with a backlight that is itself configurable to be a handful of different colors. We have both RGB and RG versions. So cool – Link.

SparkFun Electronics – Link.