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Fran Holland’s amazing “Balloon Organ” – [via] Link.

6 thoughts on “Balloon organ

  1. This is pretty neat. The construction of the organ isnt covered very well, but easy to see.

    The method used to generate the tone(s) is covered, and is new to me. Sounds like a bagpipe.

    Too bad there wasnt more performer and less host in the video!

  2. Hey there:
    Fran Here.
    The tone-generating method of my Vestigial Organ is unknown to many, but it turns out to be very common outside of the realm of musical instruments. I have coined a term for this family of wind instruments based on two ethnomusicological terms that are generally considered to be mutually exclusive (i.e. membranophones and aerophones, or drums and winds). I call them membraerophones.
    I’m finishing a series of how-to documentary videos, three of which cover membraerophones, which are my favorite “family”. Others focus on double reeds and metalophones.
    There you have it!

  3. Hey Fran,

    Great instrument. I am not entirely sure how you got the valves with the membranes to function though. If you could explain more or provide a diagram, I would be most indebted.


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