Rent Craft DVD’s from Smartflix

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Hi Crafters! We’ve got a great new partnership with Smartflix where you can rent crafty how-to DVDs and have them delivered to your home! SmartFlix is a service that rents video DVDs – just like your corner video store (NetFlix, BlockBuster, etc) … but they rent how-to videos. I’m also using the service as a regular customer like Phil is and will share my reviews of crafty DVDs I watch. I just finished watching “I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting!” in Motion with Melissa Leapman. I loved this DVD because it was a great way for me to refine my techniques and see the stitches in action up close. It’s the perfect how-to for those of you who are interested in learning how to crochet. As I start to get more addicted to crochet, I loved how easily I could pause and rewind to keep refining my stitches. Start searching for the craft DVD you want here! Link.
MAKE Smartflix – Link.