DIY Polygraph always catches the crook


Next time you need to do some quick police work, here’s a basic polygraph machine you can build to make catching your crook that much easier. Complete with two modes: pulse, GSR, and breath sampling or audio sampling, there is no way to go wrong with the price. “In audio sampling mode, once a set of 32 sequential samples is acquired, the microcontoller performs a 32 point DCT on the audio signal to extract the frequency decomposition of the subject’s voice.” Next time just be sure to tell the truth.

DIY Polygraph – Link, [via]

6 thoughts on “DIY Polygraph always catches the crook

  1. ragermeister: true. A friend whose brother used to work in Army Intelligence(yeah, I know..oxymoron) told me how they beat polygraph tests if they know they’re going to be taking one. You cut out the part of your sock that the ball of your foot would normally be, then you put a piece of(this is not a typo) bologna in your shoe and then put the sock on and the shoe on your foot.

    Now, when they start asking the questions(works best to start with the “calibration” questions), regardless of your answer, you instead think about putting bologna in your shoe, think to yourself “I would never do that” and then push your toes down into the bologna, then answer the question. What this does is create a link in your brain that you would NEVER put bologna in your shoe yet your brain knows you just did exactly that and it creates an incongruence that makes it incredibly hard to calibrate a real response. If that makes sense…

    I am not responsible for you getting out of charges brought against you because you lied about stealing stuff from work…but you can thank me all you want..

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